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Toronto-based, Renee started singing at the age of 14, when her voice matured. Like magic, a star was born.

She performed in multiple school musicals but at the age of 18, when someone gifted her a small, pink ukulele, she was inspired to compose her first song. Renee, who attended school in Tobago for a portion of her lifetime, wrote quite a bit of poetry while living on the small island – these writing skills would later contribute to her song lyrics.

Renee has been blessed to write an endless number of songs since then, about various life happenings. Freedom, suicide, depression and Love are among some of the topics Renee explores with her music.

Her first performance at an open mic event (RISE Edutainment) in the year of 2012 has led her to be asked to perform at a growing number of venues over the past few years.

The spontaneity of her entire music career takes Renee by pleasant surprise.

Looking ahead, with a piano, guitar, ukulele, and neverending inspiration, Renee continues to prosper and shine.

“Shine bright!”

Renee is one star, in this huge galaxy